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!APHORISM! Sleeveless Crop Tops & Cardigans @ The Seasons Story

We are happy to be back at The Seasons Story for the spring round starting on April 10th with our Sleeveless Crop Top and Cardigan Collection.

The Cardigans come in 6 colours (Black, Beige, White, Olive, Rose & Blue) with three design options each (Plain, Striped & Check). The Crop Tops come in 6 colours (Black, Red, White, Green, Blue and Taupe) each with a regular and a faded option.

Get yourself over to The Seasons Story (from the 10th April)

As always we have tried to make the Cardigans/Crop Tops as efficiently as possible to reduce render cost/LAG, while maintaining detail.

Aphorism - Second Life Apparel

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