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!APHORISM! Montmartre Collection @ Shiny Shabby

Aphorism Second Life

Here is our latest release, available at Shiny Shabby from 20th June - 15th July with our Montmartre Collection of Sleeveless Tops, Shorts and Beaded Belts.

Aphorism second life

The tops and shorts come in 8 colours - Black, Grey, Off White, White, Blue, Crimson, Olive and Plum. The belts come in 4 colours - Black, White, Black & White and Brown & Cream. The belts are non rigged and come with a resize script (we recommend deleting the script once you have resized it)

Available individually or in fatpacks.

Render Weights -

Tops - 1036

Shorts - 522

Belts – 1310

Enjoy :)

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