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!APHORISM! Ragdoll Animals 2 Collection

There is a new gacha event with a twist hitting the grid this April, The Gacha Guardians (click the link for all the info) We have a second set of Ragdoll Animals with a special Tobox as the special prize for those who collect the keys! (did you read the how to play in the link?? ;)

aphorism second life

6 Ragdoll Animals to collect, each comes in three versions. One sitting, one to hold in your hand, and another to hug. Rare set to 10% 1LI - Low render weight.

aphorism second life

Gift of the Guardians Toy-box with all the ragdolls!

The vendors are in our Main Store and you can also grab your Gacha Guardian HUD there too!

Much thanks

Rucy Byron :) x

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