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!APHORISM! Bella Wedge Sandals @ Indie Teepee

Its Indie Teepee time again, and we are happy to be sponsoring the festival again this year. Make sure to get yourself over there plenty of music and other happenings going on!

Aphorism Second Life

The We have made some 'Bella Wedge Sandals' exclusively for the event. They come in Maitreya, Slink and Belleza sizes.

There are 8 colours available - Black, Tan, Brown, Dark Brown, Blue, White, Grey & Red

Aphorism second life

Each pair of shoes comes with three texture options, plain, rough and snakeskin leathers.

Fatpack available.

Render weight is around 1452 depending on the size you wear.

Head over to Indie Teepee now!

The vendors will be in our Main Store after the event.

Much thanks

Rucy Byron :) x

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