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We have updated our Jana Jeans! There are now 15 colours available, a new HUD and we have added MaitreyaX, Reborn, Legacy and GenX Classic/Curvy sizes. This is a free update.

I know some of you have been asking for this update for a little while so we are including the 'Light Blue' colour in the Lazy Sunday event, for a dicounted price of just L$75! The discount will run between 12th - 17th May.

Available in our store and MP now!

APHORISM Jana Jeans. Second Life.
!APHORISM! Jana Jeans.

The jeans come in 15 colours each with a 4 buttons options + a belt with 2 leather, 4 buckle & 8 stones colour options + show/hide on the belt.

Fatpacks are fully customisable and discounted.

Check out the demo for all options!

Maitreya LaraX/Classic - Legacy - Reborn - Belleza GenX Classic/Curvy - Freya

APHORISM Jana Jeans. Second Life.
!APHORISM! Jana Jeans

Smile always

Rucy Byron :) x

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