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!APHORISM! Lucy Dress

We are happy to be back at FaMESHed in Feb with our new release , our Lucy Dresses. They will be available at FaMESHed from Feb 1st to 27th. Then, after the event in our store and MP.

APHORISM Lucy Dress. Second Life
!APHORISM! Lucy Dress

The dresses are available in 12 Knit & 12 PVC colours, each with 12 colour options on the sleeves/trim + 'innocence' panties with show/hide.

Fatpacks are fully customisable and discounted.

Check out the demo for all options!

Sizes - Maitreya LaraX/PetiteX - Belleza GenX Classic/Dainty & Curvey - Legacy/Perky - Reborn

APHORISM Lucy Dress. Second Life
!APHORISM! Lucy Dress.

Smile always

Rucy Byron :) x

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